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Monday, July 31, 2006


Thats right, a Party to celebrate some of your good friends 25th year on the planet. I'm sure most of the people who read this heap of shit site know that Buzz, Mark, Hopey and myself are all born in the year of 1981 and grew up doing pretty much everything together. The fact we all made it to 25 years old is a good enough reason to come home for a fancy dress party and all celebrate together.
We will have a proper idea as to exactly what date it will be held. Around the weekend of the 24th of September in New Farm Park. However I'll keep yall posted. Feel free to come as any of the characters, foot soldiers, Shredder, Splinter, April O'Neil, and of course The Champs themselves.. TMNT...
I'm fully amped.. Its been too long already between drinks wearing fancy dress.
If you need some help to find who you want to be.. Take a look at this site and decide for yourself. I really hope knowone has to look.. This was the cult of our generation..

Peace out love Lee

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sickity Sick Sick

Ahhh yes, the life of a student. What a bullshit sham it really is. Cheap travel, money from Johnny, heaps more free time to 'Study'.. the list goes on and on and on an on, on,ononononoonooonooooooooohhhhhh fuck I have'nt started my assignment due tomorrow..I'm off....Love Leo

Monday, June 26, 2006

Morning all, as you can see.. if anyone is seeing this.. I have'nt updated this shit heap in a long long long time..
In news Andy Katie and myself have all moved into a place in the middle of thriving Manly town. Its a good little pad in a good location..funny story about that.. the chick from the biggest loser (the semi hot one) lives straight across from us with her new bloke.. wierd how the world works. Mmmm strange.
I have started at College and so far it is proving to be quite alot harder than I first anticipated. 8 subjects a semester not including drums as a subject.. pretty intense but I'll just have to get used to it.
I'm off to see MATISYAHU next month with Andy and a couple of our mates. If you hav'nt heard any of his stuff, have a look HERE and listen to 'King without a crown" on the 'Live at Stubbs' album.. I really dig this shit, really cool shit.
Anyways, must go off to class now.. two hours of Music Theory here we come ....yay!!

Peace out

Monday, April 24, 2006

Well, well well, Happy Anzac day all, hope you are all using this public holiday wisely, and for those of you who chucked a sickie yesterday.. I hope you still have jobs.

I am a lazy person. Thats why I dont update this site. I dont really have a great deal to say.. Hmmmn yes... indeeeeed.. There has actually been some exciting news of late, starting with Andy and Katie's trip to the coast, which was enjoyed by all.. scored good waves and had many many laughs. In a cruel twist of events, I missed out on getting a ticket to Harry Manx. One of my friends went and said it was the greatest show he had ever seen, and I'm sure he will mind me telling of his eye sheding a tear at the pure wonder of this guys talent.
Andy, Katie and I went on to return to Sydney together on Easter Saturday. We got exceptional waves on all three days, being lucky enough to take a boat over the the Cental Coast and surf a crazy wave called 'Buggeries'. As the name suggests, its a bit of a bitch to surf, because of how fucked up and inside out it gets, but we all had a ball.. boooos yep cool.

It looks like I'm travelling on the Sydney in the next week, so for those of you who I dont get to see before I go, it just gives you an excuse to visit.. That includes you Poo.. Hmm Visit Leo in Sydney?? THink about it...just a thought...... . . . .. .juuuust a thought...

Have a look at these guys-- KATCHAFIRE.. They are a Reggae band from New Zealand. They opened for Damian Marley and are playing At Southport RSL.. cool shit..

Peace out, sorry Im so lazy

Thursday, March 30, 2006

"Spot the Dog went to the Sunshine Coast"

*Golly Gosh, What an exciting week I have had.. Indeed it has been a while since I have put anything down on this site, but we all know I was capable of that.
On to some exciting (and troublesome in some ways) news, Spotty Hartley has returned to the sunshine coast to visit his old 5/8 Leo.. A week of Surfing and ..and..and........thats right folks drinking of the P.1.55. Great fun has already been had by all, and the boys on the Coast have taken an instant liking to Spotty as most good people do. I'll keep all the stories under wraps until the adventure gets wilder, with the man who practically invented the word 'Loose'.

*As most of the people who read this shit heap site, are familiar with Marky Allens site, know that he is having a shin dig at Dooky's new Tower. We are all in anticipation of this event and we all know that Poo and the boys will put on a special show.

And for anyone out there who want to really know exactly what I'm doing in Sydney.. have a look at THIS.. Its all you need to know, and it means I dont have to tell the story another 5000 times.. its good shit, check it out..

I'm finger blasted so im out..apologies for the shit post, but Im still unsure if anyone I know has even seen it..Peace

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Harry manx- Eastern music meets West..

"Born on the Isle of Man, Manx spent his childhood in Canada and left in his teens to live in Europe, Japan, India and Brazil. He honed his hypnotic live show on street corners, in cafes, bars and at festivals. But it was Indian music that captured Manx and in the mid 80s he began his five-year tutelage with Rajasthani Indian musician Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (Grammy winner with Ry Cooder for A Meeting by the River). He also received the gift of Bhatt's custom-made, self-designed Mohan veena-a 20-stringed sitar/guitar-that was the catalyst for Harry to forge a new path with his now signature east-meets-west style of music."

Over recent times, I have been introduced to an artist by the name of Harry Manx. This fella is a full blown shredder on the slide guitar, harmonica and banjo (stay with me here, I know what it sounds like).. However, this fella went and did something even more wacked out than learn the Banjo.. He went to India with his slide steel string and met the man who invented a similar instrument to the sittar. The instrument is called the Mohan Veena. Its a crazy, 20 string slide Indian instrument that takes a looooong time to tune. He arrived at this guru's house at 3am in the morning and did'nt leave until 5 years later when he had mastered the instrument..As a parting gift the guru gave him the Mohan Veena and off Harry went to spread his amazing sounds of East meets west roots and blues music. This music wont appeal to everyone, but give it a go, his early work (all done solo) is really captivating..

Go to harrymanx.com to see when he's playing.. Hes gonna be at the blues festival and all around the joint.. I'm going to see him at Eumundi on the 12th of April..

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Its official!!

I am now apart of the Johnny Howard surf team.. Full Sponsorship..
Yep folks, it IS as prestigeous as it sounds, so for the record I will enclose a little picture to celebrate this event..
On to other ground breaking news, I am taking training in being a Coffee Barista in anticipation of my move to Sydney (apparently your tested on how to make an orange mocha frapachino on entering the 'Gates of Manly Town'). So I will be a yuppi coffee man of leasure from here on in. If you want to know all the shit that involves making a coffee, have a look at this site..full on stuff, they reaaally take it seriously.. wierd..
Nothing else to report.. I'll try to throw some pics up here as Ive tried and failed as a beginer before...
Peace to the three people who know about this site who probably are'nt reading this...